This is Shinkamigoto!

Right in the center of the Goto Islands lies Shinkamigoto.
The town, which is made up of Nakadori and Wakamatsu islands as well as their surrounding islands, is home to a church aspiring for World Heritage site registration and areas frequented by Sakamoto Ryoma.
It’s a place where precious memories of the past live on. Looking back on the island’s history, you can see that Goto udon is also a part of its heritage—passed on from ancient times to the present day. Experience food, history, and Kamigoto culture!



Experience Kamigoto udon

Hamasaki Noodles

Handmade Goto udon are considered to be one of Japan’s top three kinds of udon. Noodle culture arrived in Goto during the time of Japanese missions to Tang China, when the area flourished as a mid-way point between China and mainland Japan. Today, noodles are now a local specialty in Shinkamigoto, and the area is full of restaurants where you can enjoy them. One such restaurant is Hamasaki Noodles, which is under the direct management of noodle maker Hamasaki Seimen. The noodles are cooked via the “jigoku-daki” (or “hell boiling”) method in a big pot of water, and they go down smoothly, leaving you satisfied. Enjoy them with flying fish broth or egg for a spice of variety!

Japaneas Noodles

Flying fish broth for a refreshing tang!
ago soup stock
Egg for a rich, full flavor!


Try making Goto udon yourself

There is also a program where you can try making Goto udon yourself by hand, and enjoy eating them afterward. Now that would make a great memory for your family trip!

Enjoy island cuisine at a Japanese inn

island cuisine



Maeda Japanese Inn

With two meals per day provided, the long established Maeda Japanese Inn is the perfect place to make the most of your trip to Shinkamigoto. At night, enjoy local seafood and great hospitality. For breakfast before you set out for the day, it’s a lavish twist on simple island foods like dried fish.




Resort hotel MARGHERITA sits in the middle of a rich natural environment, surrounded by the great expanse of the sea and the sky. There’s plenty to enjoy, with cozy rooms to relax in, delicious food, spas, and more.

Overall view of the hotel




Great for lunch or dinner!

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lunch or dinner

Enjoy local specialty Goto beef for a reasonable price as a Hamburg steak!
The chef’s Chicken Nanban,
another local specialty,
is also to die for.
at Kamome-tei!



lunch or dinner

Cafe Lambre has been a favorite of the locals for 80 years. During cafe time, you can also try the famous curry. Relax and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere.
Cafe lambre


Interior view


If you find yourself wanting a bit of a drink after relaxing at the Japanese inn, Mary Morgan is the place to go. It’s one of the few hard-working establishments on the island that’s open 24-7.
Mary Morgan。


Interior view

B Deluxe Set - ¥1,200  (tax inclusive)

Shinkamigoto sightseeing


Sea Fig Fores

Sea Fig Fores

Surrounding Narao Shrine is this natural monument,
a 650 year old sea fig forest.
A forked tree forms a natural torii gate, towering over the
entrance to the shrine. It’s one of Shinkamigoto’s
“power spots.”

Yagatama park

Yagatama park

Well known for its spectacular views of the coastline and the
peculiar cone-shaped rock that stands above the entrance to
Nana Bay. It’s a popular spot for photographers at sunset for the
beautiful sight of the sun setting behind the rock.



Sakamoto Ryoma Yukari Square

This statue of Ryoma stands overlooking Ushioaizaki,
the place where the ship which he purchased from Thomas
Glover was wrecked. It is said that
Sakamoto Ryoma that a monument be erected there.

Geihinkan Museum and Hall

© (One company)Nagasaki Tourism Federation

Geihinkan Museum and Hall

This museum showcases the whaling culture
that once flourished in Goto.
Learn about the role whales played in Goto’s history
from the museum’s collection of precious artifacts.

A two-day three-night Goto travel plan

including he famous church


By boat

Hakata Station

Nishitetsu Bus Number 88
Approx. 25 minutes

By plane

Bayside place Hakata

Ferry Approx. 5 hours 30 minutes

Nagasaki Airport

Approx. 30 minutes

Fukue Airport

Plane Approx. 1 hours 30 minutes

Fukuoka Airport

Approx. 40 minutes

Fukue Airport

Plane Approx. 1 hours 30 minutes


with the Taiko Ferry

Useful trabel information

Hamasaki Noodles
2427-16 Arikawago, Shinkamigoto,
Minamimatsuura, Nagasaki
Cafe Lambre
2716 Arikawago, Shinkamigoto,
Minamimatsuura, Nagasaki
2427-11 Arikawago, Shinkamigoto,
Minamimatsuura, Nagasaki
Nagasaki 1110-44 Aokatago, Shinkamigoto,
Minamimatsuura, Nagasaki
1074 Kogushigo, Shinkamigoto,
Minamimatsuura, Nagasaki
Sea Fig Forest
333 Naraogo, Shinkamigoto,
Minamimatsuura, Nagasaki
Yagatame Park
Yagatame, Namago, Shinkamigoto,
Minamimatsuura, Nagasaki
Sakamoto Ryoma Yukari Square
Enohamago, Shinkamigoto,
Minamimatsuura, Nagasaki
Geihinkan Museum and Hall
578-36 Arikawago, Shinkamigoto,
Minamimatsuura, Nagasaki

Shin-kamigotou Map